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Our Digital Team is led by Saif, an ex-Google and ex-Snapchat insider, and he helps global brands and exciting startups rapidly scale their customer acquisition.

His ways are methodical and data-driven, so you can be sure every stage of your customer’s user experience is analyzed and optimized, whether it’s your ad copy, landing page experience, app install ROI or cart-to-checkout experience, even your site’s loading time… he’s got you covered!

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Our 3 Step Process

Step One: 360-Degree Digital Assessment

Saif and his carefully handpicked team will do a full assessment of your business, from top to bottom.

Here’s what he said he and his team would do:
(Prepare from some serious techspeak!)

Identify your business objectives

  • Define Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs)
  • Test website or app usability
  • Full Paid Search, Social & App Audit
  • Perform a full web infrastructure audit
  • Heat-map activity and survey key visitors
  • Set explicit conversion and performance goals
  • Develop short-term and long-term conversion optimization strategies
  • Optimize specific landing pages and your entire website
  • Set up, test, and optimize Google Analytics
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  • Optimize your lead, sales, & checkout funnels
  • Reduce bounce rates & site load time
  • Reduce shopping cart and checkout abandonment
  • Optimize your message and persuasion architecture
  • Perform online, split, A/B, and MVT testing
  • Manage the design and development of the perfect content to engage your visitors
  • Implement all necessary analytics, personalization, testing, and marketing automation tools
  • Test and optimize visitor engagement, and rev up your ROI
  • Site speed, on both mobile and desktop with UX/UI analysis

If you’ve managed to get through that, we salute you (talk about techspeak stress…)

Anyway, the short version is this: your business is your ‘waterpipe’ of revenue, and you can be sure Saif and his team will look at every nook and cranny, examining every detail (with their high-tech gadgets, of course) to find out where the leaks are… this is crucial, you don’t want money leaking out of your pipeline, right?

Step Two: The Golden Funnel Strategy

Imagine your current pipeline…

It brings you revenue, but your ambition to scale and grow rapidly is being hindered by growing acquisition costs as your CPAs skyrocket and ROI drops, you’re struggling to breakthrough and your old methods up to a certain scale or volume no longer work for a much larger audience.

Using our well designed golden funnel strategy designed for some of the worlds fastest growing startups and businesses, we will isolate every step of the user journey across all major acquisition channels through to your site experience, retention, referral of other customers and ultimately revenue.

…what would that do to your business?

Hey, it’s called the Golden Funnel Strategy for a reason: it’s a brutally effective strategy designed for maximum growth!

Step Three: Quantification

You have to know where you’re at to know where you’re going. It might sound boring, but it’s a very important step to your success: measurement.

Saif will identify the best Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs) for your business, so he can custom-tailor everything to best fit your business.

What does that mean? He will help you see what’s working and what’s not, so you could put valuable marketing money to something that drives the most growth for your business.

“That’s awesome! Now how do I get Saif and his team?”

Simple. Right after this, we will put a big shiny button for you, so you could go and schedule a call with Saif himself for a 360 digital Audit!

Yes, you heard that one right!

He’s gonna talk to you personally for 15-minutes and give you an actionable plan on how you can improve your business.
Oh, and there’s only one Saif. We can’t clone him (yet…) so be sure to schedule now and get to the waitlist.

We’re rooting for you!
Team Mediareach

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