Southall Travel - Case Study


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Southall Travel group is s one of the largest travel agencies in the UK.


Southall Travel, a market leading global travel operator sponsored one of the most exciting events in cricket with the return of the Indian Premier League season on ITV 4. The IPL has become the most compelling and spectacular sports tournament in the world with many international cricket stars and giants taking part.
Mediareach Advertising developed the deal and the strategy, which is to incorporate the Southall logo at the heart of the cricketing action, as cricket is one of the most popular sports in the Asian subcontinents, which remains a popular destination for holiday-makers. This sponsorship is a major investment in building Southall Travel’s brand which helps to expand their business further . It’s the partnership of a premier travel agency with premier sporting event that creates very strong proposition for the brand as many international cricket stars take part in this high profile tournament.


The campaign was covered by ITV4 Live over 49 days of blistering action, featuring the biggest global cricketing superstars, played between the nation’s biggest clubs. The’ sponsorship stings appeared during the start of games and between live chats and discussions. Online, popular search terms were given cricketing terms, like ‘Google’ was changed to ‘Googly’, to bring online and TV audiences closer to the cricketing action. This ‘leading edge’, our cricket sponsorship of the IPL on ITV4 was the perfect platform for Southall.