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NHS - Department of Health

Evidence suggested that the South Asian communities may be more at risk of Hepatitis C compared to the rest of the population, due to infection being spread by unsterilised medical and dental equipment used when travelling abroad. Therefore the Department of Health wanted to raise awareness amongst the relevant communities.

Our Task

To raise awareness of Hepatitis C; its prevention, diagnosis and treatment amongst the South Asian communities and encourage them towards testing without causing concern. We were also asked to target health professionals and encourage and support them to identify at risk individuals and to provide their patients with information and advice.

What We Did

We highlighted the risks through simple situations that normally do not require you to think twice about such as visiting the dentist or the barber. Emphasising that Hepatitis C can happen to anyone, regardless of age, sex or lifestyle.

The campaign consisted of advertising; including press, TV, radio and digital adverts. PR: which included press releases supported by quotes from DH spokespeople. The South Asian Health Foundation and nine well know South Asian celebrities. Outreach: which included conferences aiming at specialists in the field in areas with a high concentration of the target audience (TA), face-to-face distribution of campaign material in areas of high TA and door drops to 773 GPs and Pharmacies in areas based on TA locations.

What We Achieved

TV adverts generated thousands of calls followed by Press and then Radio. In fact the South Asian campaign generated 75% of the total responses with the mainstream campaign generating just 25% of the total responses. Digital advertising made 1.5 million impressions on the site, with 400,000 extra impressions served by FOC and 0.09% CTR over a 3 week campaign. A total of 211 Health Professionals attended the conferences and 100% of respondents who attend the events said they found it useful.