Islamic Relief - Case Study


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Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) is an international humanitarian organisation that provides development programs and humanitarian relief around the globe, regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief.

Our task

By targeting the current and lapsed donors, Mediareach was tasked to increase charitable income during the Ramadan, re-enforce brand awareness, and maintain the lead as the largest Muslim aid agency in UK.

What we did

Being aware that during Ramadan, Muslims are very active in donating to charities and organising charity events, giving food to the poor, and other humanitarian activities, we kick started the campaign prior to the holy month. We created a 2-month universal appeal that addressed all of the the target audiences (existing and potential donors). We extended our activities within Media Press, and Digital via two different creative messages; the primary highlighting the good work that had been done with donations received, and the secondary to support the Charity continue its good work via generous donations.

What we achieved

The donations increased by 22% during the 2-month campaign.
Thousands of new donors joined Islamic relief
35% increase response rate from London donors
80% increase in direct London funds