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DCSF - Department of Children, Schools and Families

Research shows that in order for young children to develop social skills, they needed formal childcare. This would also allow for low-income parents to go back to work.

Working Tax Credit and Free Early Education offer support to low-income families with regards to childcare.

Our Task

To increase take-up of the ‘free early education’ offer for 3 and 4 years olds amongst Pakistani and Bangladeshi families. We were also asked to raise awareness of the quality and safety of the childcare on offer and the services available through children’s centres.

What We Did

We ran a campaign on Asian TV stations supported by outdoor, specialist press campaign and digital. We also has an outreach campaign in ethnic catchment areas nationally and managed to communicate to 11,000 Asian mums.

What We Achieved

Our campaign generated in excess of 11,000 calls to the dedicated helplines and thousands of clicks to the landing pages. The TV campaign were very effective reaching ethnic mothers.