Fake news and its impact on the truth

18 Jan 2017, Posted by Mediareach in Blog

fake news
In the light of the issue of fake news and its impact on the recent elections, Congress has said that they will make no law to abridge the freedom of speech. Meanwhile German politicians were quick to stress that they will enforce a $500,000 penalty to Facebook for every fake news item published on the social network, along with further damages if the story has affected any German citizens. These actions come following the publication of false stories last week about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is currently seeking re-election.

Five Professional Tips For Succesful Events Management

09 Dec 2016, Posted by Mediareach in Blog



Some might argue that event management is a rocket science, but with good research and pre-planning, the process can surely become much simpler. Events management and experiential are marketing activities where just theories won’t save you, you would need a substantial hands-on experience of the field- marketing to ensure a successful outcome.

With over twenty years of experience in events planning and management and clients from various markets, we understand the level of details required in the planning process and the sensitivities of working with diverse audiences. So we have put together a brief checklist for a successful event planning and management.


Medieach is very excited to launch “Caring for Your Heart’” campaign for its client Westmill Foods’ Elephant Atta brand – the number one chapatti flour producer in the UK since 1962. The brand’s 100% whole wheat – Elephant Atta Chakki Gold – has got the stamp of approval from HEART UK – Britain’s leading charity dedicated to supporting people and families who are concerned about rising cholesterol levels and providing them with guidance and education.

The “Caring for Your Heart” campaign aims to address the health concerns of the South Asians with the help of HEART UK. As part of the campaign, Mediareach has worked with HEART UK to receive the product approval and create a lasting support to the Charity. (more…)

Meeting Room Make-Over at Mediareach!

18 Aug 2016, Posted by Mediareach in Blog, Latest News

We absolutely love our offices (especially the balcony) but with all the changes happening in the agency – fresh recruitments, added services, new clients – we decided it was time to modify our workplace to better represent ‘the new us’. Like… literally!

So we asked the team members to send an element they love, and with combining all inspiration and creativity, we got this exciting collage…

Next time you visit us, feel free to guess which one is from who ;-) (more…)

How To Target A “Smart Traveller”

06 Jul 2016, Posted by Mediareach in Blog, General



Travellers now are informed, empowered and connected which has some impact on the industry. Nowadays it is all about understanding customers and interpreting their needs correctly in order to deliver personalized and excellent experience. Understanding the changing media landscape is key. Insights coupled with creative solutions are what give the brands the edge.

Mobile optimized sites and apps are revolutionizing the way in which our travelers plan, research and actually buy their holiday trip. Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable not only researching and comparing prices online but also purchasing holidays through their smart phones.  This only means that our target audience and customers have a need that you as a travel industry need to make sure you address and fulfill.


What Triggers The Consumer’s Decision Making:


Personalized interaction with the target customers: understanding the customer and predicting where they are in the buying cycle will give the brand  a competitive advantage to personalise their shopping experience and therefore, it’s paramount to make full use of customer data in order to serve them on their terms, address their needs, before the  competitors do it .

Empowered by reviews: no matter how much information is  available on  the brand’s website, the  customers will perceive it as being biased and will go to other impartial sources to check the good, bad and ugly reviews about the brand before making their choice.

User Experience: the call to action among the travel industry should no longer just be driving traffic to the website. Customers attention span has decreased and they are now looking for easy and hassle free ways to search and book holidays.  Attention should be on ensuring an easier and flexible booking experience especially on smartphones to make sure the visitors are converted into potential buyers.



Best Practices For Email Marketing

13 Jun 2016, Posted by Mediareach in Blog, Latest News


Newsletters are very important tool for communicating with consumers directly, but require good expertise to ensure that your messages stand out, reach the right audience, and are actually read.

Email is a cost-effective tool to send across your brand messages in real-time, and alongside social media, it is a perfect channel to relate to daily events, send quick updates and news, and be part of daily trends. It helps in building consumer loyalty, as regularly sharing good content reminds fans of the value you offer and always keeps your brand top of their mind.

It is also a great measurable way to utilise and share your existing contents and increase awareness about your offers and promotions. (more…)